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For us as a company social responsibility shows our approach to every engagement by being proactive about resolving an issue or problem.

For us social responsibility means engaging directly by becoming part in initiatives that promote responsible behavior as citizens of the community where we live, whether social, cultural and environmental.

Although the causes that need support are many, below are listed some of the initiatives that the company has considered and continues to see as priority in our society:

Albanian Cap Project:

AZ Consulting has supported since in the first steps, in 2014, the "Albania Cap Project", by giving a message and impact on everyone's life, by saving negative impact of plastics on our health (by collecting plastic caps) and help someone with disabilities and in need of a wheelchair.

What is Albania Cap Project and what is its purpose?

The project "Albania Cap Project" (ACP) "250 kg caps for a wheelchair" implemented in Albania by the Organization of Youth Solidarity, shows how an element insignificant and thrown away can help a person's life with disabilities.

The main purpose of Albania Cap Project is to collect and recycle plastic caps as a source to provide wheelchairs for disabled people who can not afford one.

Ali Demi Penitentiary Institution is categorized as medium security prison, with a section for female prisoners and detainees section for women with children up to 3 years old.

AZ Consulting became part of the activity on March 8, 2016 by donating clothes and phone cards for the convicted in the Ali Demi penitentiary institution, trying to somehow facilitate women in their special day.

As a marginalized group that is hardly equally integrated in society after release, administrator and copartner of AZ Consulting, Edona Bilali helped the three amnestied women financially, to support them in order to cope with the cost of living till finding an accommodation and employment opportunity. Given that detention deprived from the opportunity of attending a job and incomes, besides that are denied by family members, making their dolor continue even after discharge.

For the convicted within the penitentiary facilities are provided services like education facilities where the convicted can develop their skills for after release. AZ Consulting focused on training and qualifying donated a computer and a printer in the hope that if there is a desire by the convicts, they have the opportunity to prepare for the life that awaits them after release, by integrating into society and attending a job.

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